Personalised Magazines

Step by Step instructions to build your magazine cover

When you have finished with this help screen, please close or minimise it to continue...

Getting started:  You have already chosen which design (how many photos) you wish to use.

Customise an item: To customise your magazine cover, choose any of the items listed which are:  magazine name, photo(s), captions (wording), date, colour and whether or not to show a barcode.  To choose one of these, you can either click on that item on the magazine cover, or click on that item in the list shown to the left of the magazine.

Editing tools: When you have chosen which item to customise, instructions and editing tools will be shown to the left of the magazine cover.  Please enter your wording or upload your photo as appropriate.  If you would like to keep any of our example wording, ("World Exclusive" for instance) just leave it unaltered, and it can be included.

Other options: When entering your wording, other options are provided to choose the position in which the wording will appear on the  cover. 

Live update: As you type your wording, you get a live example of how the wording will look.

Uploading Photos: When uploading your photo(s), our cropping tool allows you to choose which part of your photo to use, and automatically makes it the right shape and size to fit the cover.

Choose your colour: You can choose the colour of the magazine cover, either RED, BLUE or GREEN. (We always start you off with RED)

Edition date: You can choose what date to appear as the edition date of the magazine.  If you are ordering as a gift, you may wish to choose the date of the birthday or other event you are ordering for.  You can type in the date, or select it from our simple calendar tool.

Barcode: We always start the design with a magazine barcode (just like real life magazines!) in the bottom left hand corner.  If you move the caption or feature box to the lower left corner, the bar code will automatically move out of the way.  If you would rather not have a barcode on your magazine, you can choose to turn it off - just click the barcode and tick the 'remove' option.

High Resolution Preview: When you have customised your magazine, please click the 'preview' button to see a high-resolution image of how your magazine would appear.  When you have finished viewing the preview, please close the preview window to return to your design and either order it or make futher changes if you wish.  Once you are happy with the design, please tick the box 'I confirm' and then click the 'add to cart' button.  After adding to your shopping cart, you cannot make further changes to the design, unless you delete the item from the shopping cart and start again !